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Automatic delivery feedback with included CSI calculations.

CSI (short for Customer Satisfaction Index) is an Index that calculates how pleased your customers really are with your service. Our software works both for companies that ship physical products and virtual services. Our method works for any ordering system and all back-office programs. Implementation is so simple that a beginner will be enabled to do it. By the way, our service is free if you have an Examinare Survey Tool account.

Leveranskontroll is a part of Examinare that has delivered:

13,219,068 survey answers since start.

See what you get

 Step 1.

Your customer puts in her/his order and arrives at your thank you page. There our system registers the order information and customer information automatically to enable email invitations of the CSI questionnaire.

Step 2.

You ship the product or service and at the same time our system automatically gets indication that you have shipped the order.


Step 3.

Our system sends out the questionnaire according to your settings. If a reminder is set and a questionnaire is unanswered after a set period, then the system will send out a reminder to your customer. After receiving feedback you can follow the results in real-time.

Is it the Time for full Delivery Control?

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Automatic Customer Satisfaction Surveys for all your orders.

Our program invites your customers to speak up on the shipped goods of companies that sell physical products or services. Customer data is transferred from your system simply and without the need for messy integrations that can take hours. Technical support is included with our service.

You can easily set how long you want the system to wait before the automated customer survey is sent to your customer. You can also activate the automatic reminder, if your customer has not responded within a few days.

Read the results in real time and build powerful reports!

In our program you can analyse the results of your automated customer surveys in real-time and download the results easily. Of course, you can also analyse all the results in your normal Examinare account, if you want to build more advanced reports.

Leveranskontroll can also be extended with special reports for a small consulting fee from an authorised Examinare consultant, who will help you expand your analysis.

Leveranskontroll.com is free(ish) with phone support.

This service is totally free but needs Examinare Survey Tool to work. Fear not because Examinare are here to help you. You will get 1 week absolutely for free and after that week you will know if our program is for you. Contact Examinare to get help to start using this service.

The 1 week trial comes with no obligations whatsoever.

Contact Examinare to get started, the first week is totally free.

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